Visual hierarchy of Coral Foundation components
Visual hierarchy of Coral Foundation components

Adobe gives us a ton of authoring components out of the box!

I mean, just look at them all in CRXDE 😲!

If you’ve spent any time on an AEM project you’ve no doubt composed component authoring dialogs using: Textfields, Switches, Multifields, etc. Adobe does a great job of providing almost everything a developer could need!

Occasionally though, we’ll need something a little more custom and on those occasions, datasource takes care of me 95% of the time.

For example, let’s say we have a Button/CTA component that needs to open up a modal/dialog. We can easily build a list…

What a Sightly

In Parts I and II, I wrote about Clientlibs and then how they’re composed. In Part III, I want to get back to the markup and talk in-depth about AEM’s HTML Template Language or “HTL”, which is often referred to as Sightly. I’ll also be referring to HTL as Sightly for the rest of the series to avoid confusion with “HTML”. This part includes tips on working within Sightly, common Front-End gotchas working with Sightly, and loading our Clientlibs within our templates.

As a reminder, this article series is broken into several parts as seen below. Feel free to jump…


In Part I, I wrote about Clientlibs and how they’re responsible for getting our JavaScript and CSS out to our users. In Part II, I want to talk about what makes up our clientlib’s composition including leveraging built-in AEM dependencies, utilizing SPA (Single Page Application) frameworks for components, and a brief rundown of the new SPA Editor feature introduced in AEM 6.4.

As a reminder, this article series is broken into several parts as seen below. …

What’s in a Clientlib?

I’ve been a Web Designer and Developer since 2003. I’ve seen things and I’ve written things. But the area of the web I’ve always found the most fascinating and interesting is the Front-End. Whether it’s debating CSS architecture/convention, finding cool new tricks with Service Workers, or playing with Houdini, the Front-End is an endless challenge where we balance priorities like design/ux, browser-support, accessibility and SEO.

Like many purveyors of the web, I’ve benefited greatly from online blogging and Q&A forums like Stack Overflow. I’ve gleaned valuable tips and tricks on how to stretch web technologies to their limits to accomplish…

Benjamin Solum

Christian, husband, father, web developer, gamer, scuba diver, @Vikings fan, and aquatic biology enthusiast. Soli Deo gloria!

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